Located in the heart of Missouri, we maintain a top notch Gelbvieh cattle operation and a small Quarter horse herd. Raising quality horses with sound mind, great conformation, athletic ability and color is our goal. We have added a fabulous Friesian stallion, MF Othello to add variety to our equine program. We are standing RF Tee J Bumblebee and MF Othello to a limited book in 2012.

Our broodmares are linebred Jackie Bee handpicked for their individual pedigrees and conformation. The broodmare band colors consist of Grey, Grullo, Dun and Roan.

Since 1991, we have been members in good standing of the Saint Bernard Club of America. We started out with our Saint Bernards, showing and sparingly breeding these gentle giants. We added Newfoundlands in 1993, for their willingness to please and Nanny type temperments. We maintain 10 Saints & Newfies here on our farm, with spring fed ponds and lazy creeks for them to play in. They enjoy carting, weight pulling, parades, and nursing home visits. Healthy genetics, along with top bloodlines with fabulous "Type" is what we strive for in our Saint & Newfie breeding programs.

RF Tee J Steel Dust, 2003 Grullo stallion.
100% FQHA and 100% NFQHA.
Double bred Jimmy Mac Bee and dam is a grand-daughter of Little Steel Dust
and Poco Blunder.

Congratulations to the Jaz Ranch in Oregon on their recent purchase of this magnificant young stallion.
We wish them much success with RF Tee J Steel Dust... aka "Gotcha".
Please contact the Jaz Ranch for information on their breeding program. www.jazranch.com

RF Tee J Bumblebee, 2003 Dun stallion.
100% FQHA and 100% NFQHA.
Grandson of Jackie Bee.

MF Othello, 2004 FHANA registered.
Friesian Stallion.
Sired by famed Netherland's stallion Fetse 349.
Dam is ster mare, Ourenske.

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